1922 Alfa Romeo RL

Alfa Romeo RL was produced between 1922-1927, was the first Alfa sports model after World War II car was designed in 1921 by Giuseppe Merosi. For a straight-6 engine with overhead valves. Three different versions were normal Tourism and Sport. RLTF (Targa Florio) was the racing version of Alfa Romeo RL and weighted versions is half normal, the engine had seven main bearings instead of four and double carburet. In 1923, the Alfa racing team had drivers like Sivocci Ugo, Antonio Ascari, and Giulio Masetti Enzo Ferrari. Sivocci car had the green on white clover, and when he won the Targa Florio in 1923, this symbol became a symbol of good luck for the team Alpha.

Alfa Romeo RL total production was 2640.

Classic Car Models:

Normale, 2916 cc 56 bhp (1922-1925)
Turismo, 2996 cc 61 bhp (1925-1927)
Sport, 2996 cc 71 bhp (1922-1927)
Super Sport, 2996 cc 71 bhp (1922-1927)
Super Sport Castagna, 84 bhp
Super Sport Zagato, 89 bhp
Targa Florio, 3154 cc 95 bhp (1923)
Targa Florio, 2994 cc 90 bhp (1924)
Targa Florio, 3620 cc 125 bhp (1924)

1922 Alfa Romeo RL Pictures

Alfa Romeo RL Classic Wallpaper

Alfa Romeo RL Classic Wallpaper

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Alfa Romeo RL WallpaperAlfa Romeo RL Classic Wallpaper

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